#Masterchef Recap 7 August: It’s the Final Coundown: Part 2

Posted: August 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

And we’re back. Did you watch the Renovators? I didn’t. I watched Ninja Warriors and Unbeatable Banzuke on SBS 2, which are Japanese obstacle-course based game shows. I am considering starting a blog about Ninja Warriors.

Nobody won: it is actually unbeatable

This is the actual logo

Speaking of the Renovators, though, this is a real chance for Channel Ten to slip in some public service advisory stuff about correct asbestos material treatement – any house built before the late 1980s is likely to be full of the stuff, and it’s a real hazard for home renovators. Have they done this? I note that nobody is wearing a facemask.

Now we’re actually back. It’s the final challenge for Masterchef 2011. The question of ‘what the hell is Gary wearing’ has not yet been answered. He advises them to relish the challenge, and Kate and Michael talk about their feelings some more.

Ok, you know what? I am definitely going for Kate. She is calm, competent and learns something every day. Michael can go get an apprenticeship. Plus Kate’s kids are totally adorable.

Final challenge: it’s a pressure test! Michael is unsurprised to see the old enemy returning. It’s cookery, Michael, not the Nazis re-invading.

Apparently the best chef in the world is bringing the dish. It’s Rene Redzeppi! Who? He runs Noma in Copenhagen. He’s wearing white sneakers with jeans, and admits that most of his food is difficult. He’s brought the hardest dish on his menu. Thanks, Rene.

He lifts the lid. Kate is so surprised that she bursts into flame. It’s a snowman. What? It is beautiful. So crazy though! Apparently the only thing in Denmark in winter is snow, inspiring Rene. He slices it open and it’s orange! It’s made of amazing soft meringue. Also, carrot and passionfruit puree, carrot sorbet and liquid nitrogen. Michael is contemplating stabbing himself with the spoon.

How do you eat it?

It's made of carrots!

Matt Moran decides they have to make four, in his last moment of villany for 2011. Their three hours start…now! Ha, they have to do this facing each other. Thankfully they do not have to use a T-Pad.

Rene is super creepy. ‘Hello, Kate’. She’s finishing her meringue then moving on to her carrot sorbet. Gary and Rene go and bother Michael, who is easier to bother. The peanut gallery save Kate from forgetting her snow coating.

Kate hasn’t got enough carrot! She’s got 237g as opposed to 375g. Rather than making slightly smaller snowmen, she chooses to panic.  Alana dispassionately explains what she’s done wrong. Rene doesn’t help. Kate eventually decides on smaller snowmen.

Michael is worse off than Kate – he’s only got half his puree. Very small snowmen, then. Finally Kate’s sorbet is in the freezer. She’s combining yogurt from five animals or something to make the snow.


'I make three-hat yogurt!"

Michael realises that he hasn’t put his stabiliser into his sorbet. That is the difference between making sorbet and making icy carrot. He recovers, and moves on to his passionfruit mousse.

Forty-five minutes to go! That was quick. Kate’s snow is frozen too solid. Uh-oh! They’re assembling their snowmen. This is pretty boring compared to the snow egg. Hayden makes a good try of selling the blender as an exciting innovating tool.

Rene blandly tells Michael to get a wriggle on. Liquid nitrogen time! This is so crazy. They dip the sorbet balls in the nitrogen then spray it with yogurt. What? Michael enjoys it slightly too much.

'it's alliiiiive!'

Michael taking cookery too far

Rene is totally uninterested in what’s happening. George is giving unhelpful advice to Kate. Five minutes to go! It all comes down to who is the best at balancing spheres on top of one another. Kate’s sorbet balls are stuck! She gets it together.

Thirty seconds to go! Michael’s mousse balls are flat. He drops one. C’mon Kate. She’s doing a good job. Michael has it together as well. Nobody has their granita on!

Judging time. Kate’s up first. Oh, they put their granita on last. Her snowmen look pretty good! The middle ball is a bit cracked. Otherwise, she’s nailed it. Gary inhales his. Matt Moran follows suit. He is the lizard queen.

Michael’s next. He has gotten super fat. He is also pretty focused on not dropping his snowmen, although looking at them it might improve the presentation. He had fun, at least. Gary eats it all, again. It tastes pretty good. Matt Preston is having an emotional moment again.

Final scores! OMG OMG OMG. But first: all the celebrity chefs. Maggie Beer races ahead, such is her enthusiasm. Where’s George’s mum? Now we’re talking about everyone’s feelings for ages. Boooooring. George can’t sustain his interest. The families are here! Kate’s kids are still super cute. Michael has a surprise girlfriend! George tears up.

Now it’s scores time. Someone is about to lose in front of their nearest and dearest. Michael gets a nine from Matt Moran, an eight from Matt Preston, a nine from an over-emotional George and an eight from from Gary. He’s on 82 and he is gone unless Kate’s snowman tasted surprise terrible.

Kate’s next. She asks Gary to put her out of her misery. It doesn’t work like that. She gets straight nines! The older kid has worked it out but the two younger ones only realise Mum has won when the glitter falls. Kate has won Masterchef 2011!

The smaller child actually drowned in glitter

Universal sign of victory

Michael gets a ‘culinary scholarship’ to Gary’s restaurant. Does that involve paid work, and an actual apprenticeship? Hard to say. Everyone hugs then fire rains from the ceiling – no, really.

That’s it for Masterchef 2011. Thanks for reading the blog – particularly to those who commented on this blog. Hope you enjoyed the recaps. See you next year – or maybe for junior masterchef!




  1. newton says:

    At least it wasn’t dumb (Dani) or dumber (Ellie), or did I get that the wrong way round?!?

  2. RobT says:

    Very enjoyable. As George would have said, “Thanks for the mammaries”.

  3. One of each says:

    Your blog was hilarious, had me in fits of laughter every week. Loved it more than I loved Masterchef. Thanks so much!!!

  4. Izobel2 says:

    Thanks once again for keeping us entertained! Love the goat reference! Would be great if u could re-cap junior masterchef! Will miss u!

  5. NZreader says:

    I’ve loved reading this blog from NZ. Please keep doing them for various shows!!!

  6. Thank you for your recaps this season, they really were a pleasure to read! 🙂 And if you blog on Ninja warriors I am so there. The people that win those things are tough as nails!

  7. Rose says:

    Loved the blog. Livid about the stupid fucking break.

  8. Fin says:

    Wow. I feel somewhat deflated now that it’s all over. I’ll need to find a hobby instead. Thanks for the recaps – many chuckles have been had.

    I’m glad Kate won. I thought the Snowman was a bit odd though. Probably not something I’d ever order, if I were to find myself in a gourmet restaurant in Copenhagen one day. 🙂

  9. Tash says:

    I liked Masterchef when it first started, but this blog recap just made it even better! Thank you for sharing your witty view on the show, and don’t hesitate to recap other shows!

  10. Jocelyn says:

    This finale was the biggest let down ever. It was too long it was boring and it was totally rigged. Michael deserved the win and was totally robbed. Also, no more effing desserts, there was way too much focus on desserts this season – you just don’t need to be that good at them.
    Loved your blog – what am I going to read each morning now?

  11. CWA rocks says:

    great recap. please do the ninja show.
    the addition of the simpson’s clip was the icing on the cap.

    love you gastrognome!

  12. Jruth says:

    Loved your blog! Good luck at law school…

  13. Karen says:

    So sad that MC is finished, mostly because I will miss your blog. Can not look at Neil Perry these days without thinking, “Creepy…”

  14. Amy says:

    Thanks for the recaps, they kept me well entertained! 🙂

  15. Vet says:

    I’m trying to think of something more creative to say than “Thanks Gastrognome, I loved reading your blog”, but I can’t. That’s because my legal career sucked out every last skerrick of energy and creativity that I used to possess. Don’t let that happen to you. It’s also because I really did love reading your blog.

    I hope you blog about the next Junior Masterchef, but please don’t let your apparent fondness for children stifle your viciousness.

    All the best!!

  16. Jruth says:

    Any chance you’d like to write some recaps for Masterchef 2012? loved reading them last year – even more than actually watching the show!

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