#Masterchef Recap 25 July: A Family Affair

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

And we’re back. Tonight the remaining contestants are cooking for their families who they haven’t seen in ages. Yes, I am disappointed I missed last night’s knives-out episode for this schmaltz-fest. In the Masterchef house, everyone’s feeling relaxed. Kate misses her adorable family. Apparently nobody else does, because they’re off to the kitchen without any other recaps.

In the kitchen, Matt Preston tries to freak them out, successfully. They are really expecting a soul-destroying challenge today. Surprise!  Matt talks up the guests. Dani points out that it would be hard to top the Dalai Lama, but guesses ‘Barack Obama’. Yeah, he’s busy.

Also, the risk of Dani poisoning the leader of the free world is too high

Doing this, among other things

Surprise -it’s their families! Kate’s face is priceless! Even Alana is showing human emotion for once.  Everyone is hugging their loved ones and crying. Excuse me, I have something in my eye.

Alana’s husband is as much of a goon as she is – he’s lost ten kilos since the competition. Dani introduces her mum, who is not a giggling idiot to my surprise. She does, however, look like Liza Minelli.

It's uncanny

Delighted to see her daughter again

Kate is so excited to introduce her family. Her kids are the best. They laugh at George’s baldy head. The youngest girl eagerly accepts George’s invitation to replace Matt Moran, a proposal I wholeheartedly endorse. She does a fantastic impression of the snake king. Everyone makes fun of Matt Moran. He’s not even there! He will find out somehow.

If you see him, hold still - he can only see you if you move

Matt Moran is coming for that adorable small child

The little boy loves Hawaiian pizza – turns out so does George, who has a natural affinity with the under tens. I would happily watch these kids all night.

Ellie’s mum is also a serious business lady. She thinks that Ellie has strength of character. She’s hiding that light under a serious bushel. Ellie went into cooking because she thought that ‘Ellie’s Deli’ would be an amusing name for a shop.  Yep.

Michael’s mum and sister are here. His mum seems like a champ. Michael tells the nation all of his sister’s business. She seems a bit unimpressed. He loves them so much though! God, this is unrelentingly adorable.

George tells them they’ll be cooking for the people they love. Thanks for clarifying, George. There are no losers today, but the best dish of the day gets a special prize. All of the guests will be eating each dish! Ellie thinks they’ll all be votign and  plans to cheat until Gary points out that that would be stupid, and only the judges will be judging.

'no, you listen to me, Dani!'

That's what judges are for

Winners get a night at home with their family! Escape from the gulag. Also, George and Gary will be cooking for them, plus Matt. I’d really rather just hang out with my family. Although watching these guys cook in my tiny kitchen would be awesome. I think one of them would fit at a time. Maybe.

They’re off! Kate is dominating the commentary box. I hope she wins. Who will explain to those kids that Mummy doesn’t get to visit after all? Alana’s making fancy crepes. Rob has bought pictures of their ridiculous dogs, which he worryingly calls their fur children, plus a footy scarf.

Ellie is making a chicken pie because her mum loves pies. All pies. Michael is making a better version of the last dish he made his mum – roast lamb. Plus brains, because he knows his mum doesn’t like them. Wait, what? Kate’s making roast pork. She’s also making pizza and chips for the kids (but largely for George).

BBQ meatlovers is the clearly superior pizza

Press Club chef's special

Dani’s making a vanilla slice for her grandma, who isn’t there. What are you doing, Dani? Michael is using that vaccum bag cooking machine again. He loves that thing.

Ellie’s mum comes to tell her to make a good pie. Ellie explains her pastry for a while, ending with ‘this pastry makes a nice pastry?!?’. Dani is also using pastry, even though she doesn’t really know how. Alana’s under the crepe pump. She can’t open the bottle. Rob obliges, foiling Gary’s efforts to make a move on his lady. Asked to give an update, Ellie tells us that she’s making her pie. Thanks, Ellie.

Kate’s kids are time-checking her! They have gotten cheeky in her absence. George has befriended the kids, and makes them yell the time at all the contestants. Awesome.

Michael is frantic as usual. Michael’s mum and sister are unimpressed with his lambs brains. Of course they are, you knew they didn’t like them. After the ad break, he helpfully recaps everything that has happened.

Dani wants to make nice custard for a change! Good choice. Ellie isn’t blind-baking her pastry. She forgets to do an egg wash until her mum reminds her. Her mum is in full ‘idiot child in the kitchen’ mode. Hope Ellie doesn’t burn herself.

One of Kate’s kids comes down for icecream. Meanwhile, Ellie’s mum is cleaning up after her. That only took forty-five minutes. Kate’s cracking looks incredibly delicious. She’s also making a fancy potato bake. She is on to a winner here.

Gary is unimpressed with Alana’s pancakes – wrong butter, or something. He is a fan of Michael’s fancy roast. George is concerned that Kate’s forgotten the food for the kids, and will basically make a pizza himself if she doesn’t.

Dani is struggling with her vanilla slice. Gary mocks her. She has forgotten to prick her puff pastry. She tells Gary it’ll go down. It doesn’t. He stands around not helping and continuing to make fun of her. Her mum doesn’t even look surprised. Ellie’s mum tries to be encouraging.  She and Dani’s mum bond over their idiot kids.

George and the kids are making their ham and pineapple pizzas! What a touching family moment. Meanwhile, Michael is talking as fast as an auctioneer and talking about brains. Less endearing.

mmmmm indeed

Interesting plating choice from Michael

Dani is trying to salvage her pastry. Here’s a hint: it’s not going to work. She is convinced that her grandma is going to love it. Again, her grandmother is not here. Ellie’s pie has by some miracle worked.

Thirty seconds to go, and Kate’s forgotten about her pork! It looks ok. Wait, so they can plate at their leisure? No, they get a couple of minutes.

Time’s up. Everyone hugs. Michael’s mum thinks the brains are stupid. The little boy is hungry! Everyone heads upstairs.

Kate’s dish is first. She is playing on the jduge’s weakness for crackling and butter. It looks amazing. The kids are also enjoying their pizza and chips. Her husband is a sweetheart, even if he does sound like his voice is breaking – he brought in her heirloom cutlery, which makes her cry. It also makes my girlfriend cry.  Everything is delicious. Gary is stealing people’s crackling, then makes the couple kiss. He’s so weird.

Ellie’s pie is next. A chicken and mushroom pie with rustic vegetables. Her mum is so proud of her idiot child! She is shocked at Ellie’s newfound semi-competence. The pastry has turned out well, and the gravy’s delicious.

Michael brings his brains and lamb rack. He’s happy but not ecstatic. He’s looking more manic than ever. I think it’s the sous-vide machine. His mum loves it though. She’s even going to try the brains. So is his sister. Surprise! They’re delicious. What a family of amiable doofuses these guys are.  Sadly, using the sous-vide has once again left Michael with badly-cooked meat. Meanwhile, Alana’s crepe stack with lemon curd and meringue looks amazing. Her partner is overwhelmed, then demands it every night. It is festooned with those tiny flowers that everyone has started using recently. It’s delicious!

Dani thinks her Dad would think her vanilla slices look beaut. Where is he? Dani and her mum have not stopped holding hands. That is adorable. Gary makes them cry. Ellie’s mum is nice to Dani again. Most of the slice is delicious, but the crap pastry lets her down. She makes excuses.

Decision time! I hope Kate wins. Everyone talks about how great it is to see their family, and George tells them their food was all amazing. But there can only be one winner, and it is: Alana! What? The kids look confused. I am also confused. This is the first time she’s won a challenge. And she gets ‘ the three chubby amigos’ visiting her house. No, they actually call themselves that.

And working for the butter lobby

Like this, but fatter

The amigos have brought their head chefs to do their work for them. Matt is taking his job as head waiter very seriously. Alana’s ridiculous dogs want to eat all of Gary’s outlandishly complicated food and George’s Chiko rolls. They get none.

See you tomorrow for the final immunity challenge! Because it’s Michael and not Dani, he’s cooking against a chef rather than a sportsman.

  1. CWA Rocks says:

    clearly Alana’s husband lost weight because she wasn’t there cooking fattening food.

  2. RobT says:

    They must have chartered a jet to get a full table service to Brisbane by dinnertime.

    I would have demanded the hanger-onner Fat Cravat stay in Sydney.

  3. Rose says:

    Rigged. They need to give personality free zone Alana more air-time in case she accidently wins. How else can you justify ‘no kids, mum’s not coming home, she’s not good enough and some fake children dogs are more deserving of love than you because of nice crepes’? Won’t somebody think of the children?!

  4. Jocelyn says:

    This was a brilliant episode. I loved Michael from the beginning and still want him to win, but lately Alana and Kate are impressing me – they just needed the air time!
    I’ve had enough of Ellie, she can’t even cook.
    Matt needs a haircut – just FYI.

  5. Cathaxx says:

    Ellie’s Deli. Gold.
    Ps thanks for the recap. Missed this last night.

  6. russian blue 2 says:

    Poor Michael having to do a tricky challenge against a two hat chef rather than against a swimmer or a whacky new york italian. The disparity in the standard of the immunity challenges faced is stark and makes it hard to believe that this show is on the level

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