#Masterchef Recap 8 July: Technical Foul

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We’re back. In the Masterchef House, Dani debates taking responsibility for the loss she led her team to, then decides against it. The immunity pin is looking very shiny on her apron. This is a tough group, apart from her – Michael, Hayden, Kate and Peter. They’re all great!

Meanwhile, Ellie, Billy, Alana and Sun are having a day out with Anthony Bordain. They’re all trying to be fun and wacky. I would happily watch an hour of Bordain wandering around Sydney mocking these idiots. For some reason, Matt Moran is hanging around. They wander around the fishmarkets for a while, then go into a hipster pub in Darlinghurst – looks like Shady Pines. Wild. Matt Moran then demands they all go to Aria to cook a pavlova, which Bordain thinks is a New Zealand dish. This was not part of the advertised prize. Lizard man has ruined it again for everyone.

Worst prize ever

I don't want your recipie for pavlova, Gorn!

They arrive in the Masterchef kitchen. Justin North is helping Gary judge. Dani claims she hasn’t decided what to do with her pin. Surprise! She uses it. She pretends she wouldn’t get creamed by any of these guys, to Gary’s amusement. She leaves after hugging everyone. She thinks she earned her reprieve. Dani, you are the worst.

It’s a technique-based elimination, and the judges are looking for perfection. Peter may be in trouble, although shaky Hayden could have problems too. There are three rounds, with one person safe in each round.

The first task is making rice paper rolls. That is a lot of technique! They have to make three rolls and a dipping sauce. They get no recipe. This is really tough. It’s all about precision knifework, flavour balance and seamless wrapping. So, they want a good rice paper roll. Thanks, Gary.

Yes, really

Contestants respond to Gary's explanations

They’re off. Michael reckons that if he wants to win, he has to beat everyone. Nice. Kate is worried, as she doesn’t make much Asian food. Peter is barely coping, and boils his dipping sauce.

Panic bollywood music is playing. Gary reminds everyone not to panic. This seems out of character. I hope he’s not sick. Peter thinks his burnt sauce tastes authentic. Authentic is not a synonym for crap, Peter.

Gary and Justin are standing directly behind the contestants and talking about them. Hayden is shaking like crazy but is somehow still managing to roll his rolls properly. Kate is not having as much success. Come on Kate! Michael is gunning it.

Time’s up! Hayden admits that his rolling is rubbish, but the judges are impressed with his carrots. Kate’s rolls are barely rolled, but taste super delicious. Everything about Michael’s rolls is great except for the lime in his sauce. Peter’s rolls are okay, but his sauce is risky business.

Who even owns white socks

Even riskier business than this

Hayden, Kate and Peter will be in round two. Michael is safe! He’s delighted. Peter’s pleased to have come second, until he realises that there’s no prize for second.Sacks covering the second round ingredients appear on their workstations, as if by magic. Peter claims he hasn’t got a preference, then declares a preference for ‘not cake’.

They lift the sacks to reveal a giant rib-eye with some trimmings. It’s either not cake or the hardest cake ever. No, they have to trim, French, truss and cook it. Phew. Wait, Peter doesn’t know how to do that either. Hayden is stoked, but Kate is worried again. They only get twenty-five minutes!

They’re off. Hayden is smashing it. Must be his lucky giant hat, which he has brought back for the challenge. Kate’s struggling.  According to Justin, the steak is going to take twelve minutes minimum to cook, sixteen max.  Peter is well on the way to wildly overcooking his steak, as he reckons it takes twenty minutes. He makes a parsley butter, while Hayden is making some sort of sauce. Unlike them, Kate is actually testing her steak. She can’t decide whether to go with her instinct or the thermometer. She picks thermometer. Will science be her undoing?

meep meep meep BANG


Peter wants his steak to cook faster. He keeps opening the oven and poking it. Maybe stop doing that, Peter. Time’s up! Everyone succeeds. Kate thinks Peter and Hayden’s steak look tastier.

Judging time! Hayden’s steak is well cooked, perfectly French and trussed. Kate’s is slightly overdone, and her technique isn’t great. Justin is nice to her for a bit, then Gary jumps in. Peter’s steak is actually medium rare, and his technique’s great.

Kate and Peter are cooking off. Hayden’s safe! The hat came through for him. This sucks, I don’t want either of these guys to go home. Stop toying with my heart, Masterchef.

Backstory time! Kate’s kids are adorable, as is her husband. The kids have great table manners, too. Peter has a ridiculous dog. Here is a picture of it.

I love this photo


Round three is dessert. It’s a traditional apple pie and custard. Peter is probably rooted. Kate is, as Peter identifies, the cake lady.  They have an hour. Go! Michael and Hayden help by clapping and shouting. Just what you need when you’re trying to concentrate.

Peter can feel that he and Kate are doing the same thing. Also, they’re standing next to each other. Suddenly they start doing different things. Peter’s doing a large pie with stupid filling, Kate is doing two small pies with traditional filling.

Peter has decided not to blind-bake his pastry – that is, he has decided to do it wrong.. Kate does go the blind-bake – but it stuffs up! Her base is too thin, and sticks to the baking paper.

Fifteen minutes to go. Peter has curdled his custard. Gary tells him. Peter decides to blend it, rather than strain it. Kate is just staring at her tarts. Interesting strategy. Peter’s tart holds together perfectly – so does Kate’s! Hers are actually rounded on top. Gary tries a George-style pun. He cannot carry it off.

Kate has a spare minute, and sees the cream. She thinks to herself ‘Gary loves cream’, and whips some up as an extra side dish. See, this is why she should win. She has also made custard competently.

Time’s up! Kate cries about her kids, then about learning. Peter also loves to learn. He has learnt about cooking, and about himself.

Decision time. Kate’s pie slices beautifully. Gary loves the cream as predicted, does not understand why Kate is laughing. The pie is delicious in every way, the custard is beautiful and the cream is a great bonus. Yay!

nom nom nom

The dish that changed Gary's life

Peter’s next. Can they both win? I hope so. His pastry is delicious, and his custard is edible by some miracle. Kate looks sad. This is terrible.

We break for commercial as the judges consider. This gives us time to consider that one way or another we’re losing a champ tonight, while Sun, Ellie and Dani are still in the competition. I would riot but I am too sad for Kate and/or Peter.

We’re back. The judges have decided to eliminate Dani. No. The decision has come down to technique. Kate is safe! Yay! Peter is going home. No! I’ve never felt this many emotions at one time before. Some twenty-year old is going to win this stupid competition when they should be out doing an apprenticeship. People like Peter and Kate are who should be on Masterchef, changing their lives.

Peter keeps it together as he leaves, calm and collected as usual. Alana is pleased for Kate as she knows how much Kate wants to win this competition. The competition that Alana is also in. Convincing!

Peter is welcomed home by friends and family. The dog is nowhere in sight. Since leaving he has moved to the hunter valley and has taken steps toward achieving his dream of having an organic farm.

Tomorrow night, the ghosts of Masterchef past come to visit – Andre, Jimmy and Alvin. Jimmy thought he was going to get yet another crack at being a contestant.

  1. CWA Rocks says:

    I actually nearly cried. Nice, competent doesn’t-cry Peter is off while stupid Dani is still here?!!

  2. Liz says:

    Or Ellie – gaah! *blood boiling*

  3. Showbee says:

    I was that close to throwing something at Dani when she talked about how she had earned the pin. My only consolation is now she is pinless, she will be the one eliminated in NY.

  4. Rose says:

    All true – liked both Peter and Kate. How ‘inner-city’ was Peter though! The little veggie garden on the balcony, the little dog, his middle-aged friends with trendy haircuts. Loved it. They couldn’t eliminate Kate though – she gets the mum watching demographic which is key to Masterchef (Julie anyone?).

  5. Sunflower says:

    Am I right? Dani chooses her team (the best competitors), drives the ship into disaster, then uses her pin to avoid personal distraction. If so, Dani needs a thumping

  6. RobT says:

    I don’t want Hayden going to the water to save my life if he repeatedly goes to water trying to save his own in the kitchen.

  7. RobT says:


    Out Billy comes; closeted Peter goes.

  8. Vet says:

    Peter is so Darlinghurst; he won’t last 2 seconds in the Hunter Valley. Seriously though, it’s a real loss to the competition. He seemed nice, he could cook and was one of the few contestants (along with Kate, Billy, Cleo and maybe mummy’s boy Michael) whose face didn’t deserve to be punched in.

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