Technical Difficulties

Posted: June 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

The blog lives! Apologies for the lack of recaps recently. Normal service will hopefully resume on Wednesday.

The drunk camera man was actually a more realistic representation of the problem

We have our best people working on fixing the problem


In the interim here are some thoughts on the final twelve:

– How on earth is Kumar still on the show?

– Blog Favorite Billy better win

– What happened to Hayden’s hat?

– I can’t decide who out of Ellie and Dani is the more annoying

– When is cheatbag Goth Matt going to get kicked out already?

– Needs more Margaret Fulton; wish she hadn’t started that blood feud with Coles

Nicest murderer ever

I would not want to be Coles

  1. RobT says:

    More technical difficulties than Quirky Danielle had with her oven. Vale QD.

  2. Adam says:

    I thought I saw Hayden looking smug with his immunity-badge-adorned black cap on last night’s show.

    Putting aside the alleged cheating, how has Goth Matt not been kicked off for cooking terrible food?

    Also, Ellie’s luck will have to run out soon, I can’t believe she keeps saving herself despite all odds in these eliminations.

  3. Yeah! More posts!!! I watched Sunday night and logged on to see your thoughts, but nothing to see?!?

  4. Izobel2 says:

    Yay, glad to hear you’ll be back soon! Even my husband said “tell him to quit Uni or whatever is keeping him busy in the real world so we can see what he has to say on the blog!!”

  5. Ronald says:

    looking forward to more posts!
    Kumar and matt are flying under the radar something shocking….at least we know that matt’s days are numbered i guess. Dani wins the prize for most annoying,and what is with the way the judges are always so sympathetic to ellie? Pisses me off bigtime! Hope kumar and alana are the next to go…after matt of course.

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