#Masterchef Recap 14 June: Banana Boat (Ba-na-na-na-na-na)

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We’re back. Kate is fighting for immunity a day after her best friend in the Masterchef house, Rachel, was eliminated. Will her loss drive her to greater things? Will her tears provide the extra salt her dish needs?

No. As always, Kate is positive and upbeat. I hope she wins! She is one of the more tolerable contestants. Matt shows her the immunity pin. Matt Moran is here, doing his level best to ruin Kate’s day.


'Stop having fun, this is serious business'

She’ll be cooking off against super pastry chef Darren Purchese, who appears to be the poor man’s Heston Blumenthal. His shtick is crazy cakes. He’s here to win. Man, he’s taking this really seriously.

Everyone except Gary flees. Darren lifts the lid. In a shocking twist, it’s a crazy cake. Specifically, it’s ‘banana, caramel and rum’. Banana caramel and rum what? It looks like a fancy banana slice to me. Obviously it is more complicated than that – apparently it has thirteen recipes in total. Who does this guy think he is?

Zumbo laughs in your general direction

Not even close

Gary basically tells Kate he doesn’t think she can do it. She gets a thirty-five minute head start before Daren’s ninety minutes starts. He looks unimpressed.

Kate really doubts she can do it. She doesn’t quit though! Just keeps doing her best and following the recipe. Kate is a new blog favourite.

Darren’s helping her make weird caramelised white chocolate. It looks both delicious and wrong. Now Kate’s coring a banana. What? She does a good job though. I think.

Darren’s off! Adam tells us he thinks Darren’s in trouble in a weird serial-killer monotone. Kate’s still going great guns. Now she’s making passionfruit spheres. Darren is somehow way ahead of her.

Kate has not been forced to use the Telstra T-Pad, which may be why she is doing well.

God I hate these things

It's the iPad for people who don't know what iPads are

Kate’s worried about time, so Gary comes and distracts her for a while. It makes her panic. She is doing a really good job at not swearing on camera – maybe having kids trains you in it.

Kate’s worried that she hasn’t started her shortbread yet. So she starts cooking it. Nobody has set anything on fire yet, in a Masterchef 2011 first.

Darren is taking some kind of risk with his jelly. Gary does to distract Kate some more. Go play Angry Birds or something and leave them alone!

This week's elimination challenge

What did you think I meant?

Kate’s mousse is great! She is possibly enjoying the spraying process too much. Darren thinks he’s going fine. This is always a trap. Kate’s jelly also looks great. She’s such a winner.

Darren’s jelly risk has not paid off. He’s gutted. Alana is perhaps too unimpressed for someone who can barely cook.

Kate has got everything done! And she made one hundred percent of her own dish. Wow. This is a groundbreaking episode.

Kate’s up first. It looks amazing although her banana is a bit weird. George can’t wait to taste. Matt Moran reluctantly agrees to taste, but only because it’s melting. The biscuit base is a bit risky, and the flavour’s not perfect on the mousse. Moran pretty clearly thinks that this is Darren’s. Do they have a chef rivalry?

Darren’s next. He’s cracking under the stress. His presentation is considerably less weird. The judges realise that something’s missing – the jelly. The mousse is considerably more delicious and the biscuit is delicate. The sorbet is a bit average. Moran is confused about which one he’s going to go for. As usual, Matt Preston reckons it’s close.

Decision time! Gary bows down before Kate. When Gary reveals which plate is which the judges actually look surprised for once. Darren gets a nine from George and Matt Preston, an eight from bad cop Matt Moran. They definitely have a chef rivalry.

Kate gets straight eights. That is pretty good! I was really hoping for her to win. George tells her she can win the whole thing. I agree. Darren awkwardly shakes everyone’s hand and leaves.

See you tomorrow as Matt Preston does his best Kermit the Frog impression, and Sun poisons a celebrity chef.

  1. Ronald says:

    the running commentary from the other contestants during the elimination / immunity challenges are highly irritating. Last night it was danielle, tonight alana. Neither of whom are in any position to be analysing anyone else’s cooking techniques.

  2. CWA Rocks says:

    yay kate! definitely new blog co-favourite for (a) cooking competently, (b) not getting exorbitant amounts of help, (c) not crying and (e) not setting fire to anything.

  3. Izobel2 says:

    Thanks for the frilled neck lizard photo, had my man laughin again! Not sure why Kate placed her banana so weird on top of the cake. It was nice to see a close challenge.

  4. Nicole says:

    I just wanted to share this link re: the Matt phone scandal simply because of the photo they used – GOLD! http://news.ninemsn.com.au/entertainment/8261251/masterchef-contestant-booted-over-cheating-fears

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